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Hardware Compatibility List

Note: This page is grossly out of date.

1. What is this? And what isn't it?

This is a user driven Hardware Compatibility List for CentOS 3, CentOS 4 and CentOS 5. That means that we need your help with these pages.

I'd like to see this page as an entry point for hardware that does not work with CentOS out of the box or only with some effort. I do not see a need for a list which states all working hardware.

So if you have some piece of hardware you'd like to use under CentOS, but aren't able to, or if you have got some piece of hardware to work, which isn't supported by CentOS directly, but needs a driver disk for example, this would be the place to exchange your adventures with other people.

2. Where to turn first?

These drivers are compiled into the kernel either directly or as a module:

There are some places on the web where you should look first to see if your hardware is supported or not. First is the Hardware listing of the upstream provider, where you also can find complete systems that are certified for running under RHEL - meaning that those should also work under CentOS.

Second: CentOS keeps a set of Release Notes at the bottom of The official documentation page. Those are for 4.x only, there doesn't seem to be a place with a collection of the 3.x release notes. CentOS 5 Release Notes can be found at the Release Notes section of the wiki.

The current 3.x release notes can be found on http://mirror.centos.org/3/os/ and then in the directory for your hardware architecture. Older release notes might be found on http://vault.centos.org/3.x/os/ and again in the corresponding directory for your hardware.

Another point of information are the searchable CentOS list archives. Note the little google search box in the upper left corner of that page.

Further on there is the Hardware Forum for CentOS 6, Hardware Forum for CentOS 5 and the Hardware Forum for CentOS 4 on the CentOS Forums.

#centos on irc.libera.chat is another valuable source of information about hardware issues. Please read the CentOS IRC Guidelines first.

So you see that there really is no need to look here for Hardware support. Except for Hardware you're having trouble to get working ...

3. CentOS on Laptops

We have created a separate page to list information about CentOS on different Laptop models. If you own a laptop, why not try CentOS on it and report your experience ?

4. CentOS 5 and Hardware

4.1. Mainboards

4.2. PCI Chipsets

4.3. Graphic Cards

4.4. SCSI Adapters

4.5. SATA Chipsets

4.6. Sound Hardware

4.7. Network Cards

obsolete RealTek Ethernet drivers RTL8169S/SB/SC RTL8168B RTL8101E

obsolete RealTek Ethernet drivers for 8111B/8168B/C/CP based cards

obsolete RealTek Ethernet drivers for 8100E/8101E/8102E-GR based cards

obsolete Attansic Technology Corp. L1 Gigabit Adapter

sis 190 / sis 191 ethernet / gigabit chipsets

4.8. WLAN Cards

Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Card

4.9. Webcams


4.10. Other Hardware

5. CentOS 4 and Hardware

5.1. Mainboards

MSI P965 Neo / JMicron RAID

5.2. PCI Chipsets

5.3. Graphic Cards

AtiDriver: ATI Graphics Drivers

NvidiaDriver: Nvidia Graphics Drivers

5.4. SCSI Adapters

AdvanSys: SCSI Adapters with Advansys Chipsets

5.5. SATA Chipsets

5.6. Sound Hardware

5.7. Network Cards

Realtek RTL8169 and RTL8110 NIC

RealTek Ethernet drivers for 8100E/8101E/8102E-GR based cards

RealTek Ethernet drivers for 8111B/8168B/C/CP based cards

5.8. WLAN Cards

5.9. Other Hardware

6. CentOS 3 and Hardware

6.1. Mainboards

6.2. PCI Chipsets

6.3. Graphic Cards

AtiDriver: ATI Graphics Drivers

6.4. SCSI Adapters

6.5. SATA Chipsets

6.6. Sound Hardware

6.7. Network Cards

6.8. WLAN Cards

6.9. Other Hardware

7. Submit Form

If you want to submit a hardware listing, please try to use the following form. If you are editing via the wiki please use the HardwareTemplate when you are asked on how you want to edit the page.

= Name of the piece of Hardware =
== Hardware ==
Put a short description of the hardware here
== Problem ==
Put a short description of the problem here.
== In-Depth explanation ==
If you have an in-depth explanation of the problem, please put it here
== Output of `lspci -v` ==
Paste the relevant part of the output of 'lspci -v'  here. Not all of it, just the stuff regarding this hardware.
== Solution ==
Do you have a solution for the problem? Is there a third party driver available?
== Workaround ==
Is there a workaround for that hardware, like using CentOS 3 instead of CentOS 4?
== Notes ==
This place intentionally left blank. But you might have something to fill this space with. Please don't get offensive here, or only if you absolutely have to.

8. Where to turn second?

Using our friend, Google, and running a search like this may help as well: site:redhat.com hardware compatability

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