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Akemi Yagi

Email: <amyagi AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

I may be a unique presence among the wiki authors because my real work has nothing to do with systems administration. I came to the US from Japan as a postdoctoral fellow to extend my research interest in "How ATP is made" [1].

My first encounter with Unix was around 1990 when genetic software we were using (named GCG [2]) was moved from a VAX system to Sun workstations. I was given a Unix shell account and that came with an e-mail address. But I had no idea what to do with this e-mail thing. Anyway, I was fascinated by Unix and later fell in love with Linux.

When the manager left the department in 2000, I was the only body who could possibly manage the systems and maintain the GCG software. So, I volunteered to act as the sysadmin. I have since moved (== got rid of) major duties over to the main IT department of the Institute and migrated our local stuff to Linux machines.

I did not know of CentOS until March 2006 [3]. After the first installation of CentOS, it instantly became my distro of choice. I realize my history with CentOS is still a short one and I am not a computer professional, but I strongly wish to contribute to the community within what I can do. After all, the "C" in CentOS is its most important power source.

Wiki articles I started:

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