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Andreas Rogge


Mail: a.rogge@solvention.de

IRC: Dyson (#centos, #centos-social)

1. Who is Andreas?

In 1995, after seeing his father use AIX, Andreas started with Linux. Having used Slackware for several years he finally switched to RedHat while he was a trainee, because for him it felt much more production ready at that time. Becoming the companies system's administrator during his time as a trainee, he needed to find a replacement for RedHat Linux after the RHEL/Fedora-Split. Andreas stumbled upon WBEL which eventually lead him to CentOS in 2005.

After Andreas quit his job to found a company with one of his colleagues in 2006, he had the freedom to get more in touch with the community and helped out at as much as possible during CentOS events and used his spare time to support people using CentOS and to contribute to other free software projects.

In 2013 Andreas switched jobs to be the Head of IT Operations at kernpunkt GmbH, a Cologne-based digital agency. The new job required lots and lots of attention so his community efforts were stopped pretty much.

In 2019 Andreas will join Bareos GmbH & Co. KG as a supporter and developer which will probably improve contact with free software communities again.

2. Trivia


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