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This is a read-only archived version of wiki.centos.org

You have been sent to this webpage probably because you have contacted the CentOS Project about a domain or website that is not on the centos.org domain and is not affiliated with the CentOS Project.

The website you have questions about is running software that comes from the CentOS Project.

Our software is a freely available open source Linux operating system. This means almost anyone, anywhere can install it to use for their own purposes.

The website you have contacted the CentOS Project about is an example of someone outside of the project using the software.

If you have issues with the content of the other website, you must contact the owner of that domain.

Unless the server is on the centos.org domain, the CentOS Project has nothing to do with the content on that webserver or any emails that directed you to that website.


2023-09-11 07:19