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The CentOS Brand

The CentOS Brand is the main graphical identification of The CentOS Project. The CentOS Artwork SIG uses The CentOS Brand to connect all the visual manifestations The CentOS Project is made of and, this way, it provides visual recognition among similar projects available on the Internet.

1. Overview

The CentOS Brand is composed of a graphical component known as The CentOS Symbol and a typographical component known as The CentOS Type. When The CentOS Symbol and The CentOS Type are combined, they create what we know as The CentOS Logo. All the components that make The CentOS Brand can be used together or separately, considering that, in hierarchy order, The CentOS Logo is rather preferred than The CentOS Symbol alone, as well as The CentOS Symbol is rather preferred than The CentOS Type alone.

The CentOS Brand must be exactly the same every time it is printed out, no matter what the impression medium is. A route to reproduce The CentOS Brand this way must be used in order to avoid reproduction mistakes of any kind when final images are branded with it. To prevent such mistakes, the Artwork SIG designs the CentOS brands in SVG format and uses automation scripts available in idFORGE Framework to render them in different formats, sizes, and colors without affecting the standard proportions of CentOS brands.

2. Trademark and Usage Guidelines

For guidelines surrounding the usage or restriction of the CentOS images and the word marks, please see:

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