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This will be the new artwork page, at the moment this page will function as a gathering of mockups for the artwork of the upcoming CentOS 5 release. To give feedback and your opinions (most important) on the artwork you should use the CentOS-devel mailing list ( http://lists.centos.org )

Eventually the "best" mockup will be developed further to a complete set of release-artwork.


Our requirements are almost exactly the same as the Fedora project, they have an excellent write up at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ReleaseGraphics which would be a good place to start.

Theme Mockups

0.1. Mockups submitted by Gideon de Kok

Mockup 1: Blurry cubes:

First mockup made for the CentOS 5.0 release..


Mockup 2: Line Art:


Mockup 3: CentOS Banner:

As an experiment, this mockup uses white text instead of the "traditional purple".


Mockup 4: Flying cubes:

This mockup combines the ideas of the previous mockups.


0.2. Mockup(s) submitted by Brian


0.3. Mockup(s) submitted by Paul Berger

Mockup 3 - Peaceful Clouds - Blur - Olify - Blur in gimp


Mockup 5 - Updated version of 4


CentOS Clouds - Cloud Theme with Blue Band (widescreen)


CentOS Clouds2 - Cloud Theme without Band (widescreen)


CentOS Blue - Blue Background with Cloud Band


CentOS Gnome Menu bar icon submitted by quiet on irc, #centos


1. Complete artwork sets

Complete artwork sets cover all elements where custom artwork is required (backgrounds, RHGB, GDM, etc.).

1.1. Sets(s) submitted by Gideon de Kok

1.2. Set(s) submitted by Paul Berger

1.3. CD/DVD Labels and LightScribe images submitted by Bernard Johnson (bjohnson AT symetrix.com)

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