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Repository Design

The directory structure of CentOS artwork repository, as it was conceived in tcar-0.11, is long and complex (as it has been pointed out in the mailing list). It is necessary to simplify it in order to make contributions easier to achieve. One proposition is to divide the current directory structure in smaller directory structures using different git repositories and branches as much as possible.

This page describes a redesign proposition for CentOS artwork repository, and encourages you to improve it.

1. Overview

The idFORGE Framework doesn't have a Yum repository, yet. Such infrastructure is desired and will be addressed in the future (I hope). By now, the packages and related signatures can be downloaded and installed from ArtWork/Framework page.

Once you've downloaded the RPM package, run the following command as root user:

rpm -Uvhf idforge-*.rpm

CAUTION: This action will replace the old tcar package and all its sub-packages.

2. Packages

The name of the packages used to distribute this work were previously named tcar (an acronym from The CentOS Artwork Repository). Such a name isn't appropriate because there is no longer a single repository nor the limitation to be specific to one single organization. The standard procedures used to render content and the related directory structure are changing into a modular framework were different organizations/projects can handle their own corporate identity manuals in community. So the name of the package name should be consequent with such perspective.

The idFORGE Framework is distributed in a single signed package with the following naming convention:


Install path: `/usr/share/idforge'

You can extend idFORGE Framework functionality by installing identity packages distributed by particular organizations. Such packages provide source files about the visual identity of the organization that distributes them (e.g., brand, brushes, fonts, palette of colors, configuration files and a detailed description about all visual manifestations the organization wants to express its existence on). The identity packages have the following naming convention:


Install path: `/usr/share/idforge/Models/${PROJECT_NAME}'

NOTE: Fonts are released as individual packages (e.g., denmark-sans-fonts, vegur-sans-fonts, vegur-serif-fonts, vegur-sans-mono-fonts, etc.) and installed under `/usr/share/fonts' directory.

More information about particular packages can be found in the SPEC file used to build it. These SPEC files are distributed with the src.rpm file of each package.

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