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The CentOS Artwork Repository

The CentOS Artwork Repository (tcar) exists to organize and automate the production process related to The CentOS Project visual identity.

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1. Overview

The CentOS Artwork Repository provides a production environment for you to render localized images and documentation in a consistent manner. It organizes The CentOS Project visual manifestations and provides a predictable directory structure for automation scripts to interact with.

The CentOS Artwork Repository is a community effort. It gears the work of graphic designers, translators, programmers, packagers and anyone interested in providing a strong visual identity for The CentOS Project.

The CentOS Artwork Repository is copyright of The CentOS Project. This is something you, as author, should be aware of because you are contributing your creation's rights to someone else; the organization known as The CentOS Project in this case. Thus, your work is distributed using The CentOS Project as copyright holder, not your name (even you remain as natural author of the work). Because The CentOS Project is the copyright holder, is the license chosen by The CentOS Project the one applied to your work, so it is the one you need to agree with before making a creation inside The CentOS Artwork Repository.

The CentOS Artwork Repository is released under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (Version 2, June 1991).

2. Download

For regular use and production, you can download and install the following RPMs:

These RPMs will be updated from time to time.

These RPMs are published so you can test the framework, report issues and request enhancements.

These RPMs are signed with the following GPG-PUBKEY.

These RPMs are built from the following sources:

These RPMs introduce the changes described in tcar-0.11.changelog.gz

3. Test

To test tcar automation scripts, you need to:

  1. Create a working directory:
    tcar prepare ~/Desktop/Myworkdir
  2. Get in the working directory:
    cd ~/Desktop/Myworkdir
  3. Initiate content rendition:
    tcar render .

At this point, tcar automation scripts will report that required background images aren't available in the working directory. So, you need to create and fill the ~/Desktop/Myworkdir/Motifs/Default/Final directory with the background image you want to produce final images for, and run tcar-render again.

4. Develop

The CentOS Artwork Repository development takes places in the following git repositories:

This will be the authoritative repository for logos, branding, design, etc. It will also allow contributors to submit pull requests for their contributions, such as backgrounds and other creative artwork. Right now, both these repositories are bare because we need to have a bit of a discussion around the layout within them.

5. Contribute

The CentOS Artwork Repository is an ongoing work which might contain errors and require new features. If you find errors inside The CentOS Artwork Repository or have any suggestion, we want to know about it.

To report errors and suggestions about The CentOS Artwork Repository you need to register under bugs.centos.org and send your reports there. Or you can send your reports to <centos-devel@centos.org> mailing list.

While you are writing your feedback report, please keep in mind that it is very useful that you be specific about the issue you are reporting in order for others be able of reproducing it and, this way, find a solution for it. For example, consider to include all the error messages you see in your screen and the exact order of commands you used to perform actions when using the tcar.sh script.

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