The CentOS Logo

The CentOS logo is the combination of the CentOS symbol and the CentOS type. The CentOS Artwork SIG uses the CentOS logo to "brand" images produced by the CentOS Project and provide visual connection between them so they can be monolithically recognized as part of a single unit, known as the CentOS Project.

The CentOS logo must be exactly the same every time it is printed in any medium. To grant this uniqueness, the artwork SIG designs the CentOS logo in SVG format and uses automation scripts provided by idFORGE Framework to produce final images from it. The final images are produced in different formats, colors and sizes but the proportion is strictly retained in all of them.

Refer to the full trademark usage guidelines to ensure you are using the CentOS marks correctly:

1. Preview

2. Horizontal Construction

2.1. With Registered Trademark

2.2. With Tagline

2.3. With Tagline and Release Number

3. Vertical Construction

3.1. With Registered Trademark

3.2. With Tagline

4. Usage Restrictions

If you have any general or specific questions about the CentOS trademark, refer to

In order to apply The CentOS Logo to other images correctly, the following usage restrictions must be complied:

5. Logo Colors

Pantone 2292
CMYK 55/0/92/3

Pantone 7549
CMYK 0/22/100/0

RGB #a14F8C
Pantone 248
CMYK 33/80/0/0

Dark Blue
RGB #262577
Pantone Reflex Blue
CMYK 92/70/0/0

6. Color Restrictions

In order to apply The CentOS Logo to other images correctly, the following color restrictions must be complied:

6.1. For dark backgrounds

6.2. For light backgrounds


All files in this section are published in SVG format.

7.1. For light backgrounds

7.2. For dark backgrounds

7.3. For special sub-projects

We have on occasion done one-off logos for special sub-projects.

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