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Title: Managing Software with Yum

The recommended way to install or upgrade CentOS is to use Yum (Yellow Dog Updater, Modified).

See the guide entitled: "Managing Software with Yum" at the documentation link below.

YumEx, a graphical front end for Yum, is also available from the CentOS Extras repository.

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Title: CentOS Software Repositories

The following repositories exist in CentOS to install software from:

[base] (aka [os]) - The RPMS released on a CentOS ISO.
[updates] - Updates the the [base] repository.
[extras] - Items by CentOS that are not upstream (does not upgrade [base]).
[centosplus] - Items by CentOS that are not upstream (does upgrade [base]).
[testing] - Items in testing, beta quality packages

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Title: Help with CentOS

You can get help with CentOS in several ways, including:

* Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - #centos, #centos-social and #centos-devel on

* Mailing Lists - CentOS, CentOS-Devel, CentOS-Announce and non-English localized language lists from

* Forums: Available at

* Wiki: Available at

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Title: CentOS Documentation

The following Documentation is available for CentOS:

Deployment Guide, Installation Guide, Virtualization Guide, Cluster Suite Overview, Cluster Administration, Cluster Logical Volume Manager, Global File System, Global Network Block Device, Virtual Server Administration, Managing Software with yum, Using YumEx, and release notes for all software.

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Title:  CentOS Wiki

The CentOS wiki is available with Frequently Asked Questions, HowTos, Tips and Articles on a number of CentOS related topics including software installation, upgrades, repository configuration and much more.

The wiki also contains information on CentOS Events in your area and CentOS media sightings.

In conjunction with the CentOS-Docs mailing list, contributors can obtain permission to post articles, tips and HowTos on the CentOS Wiki ... so contribute today!

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Title:  Virtualization on CentOS-5

CentOS-5 provides Virtualization via Xen for the i386 and x86_64 architectures in both fully virtualized and para virtualized modes.

The Virtualization Guide and Virtual Server Administration Guide are provided for help with CentOS-5 Virtualization at the link below.

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