Anaconda Slides

Here are the current incarnations for the Anaconda slides that show during install. We would like to get some other "Local Language" translations of the text on these slides.

Probably the best way to post the text for these is to do it to the CentOS-Docs mailing list ... that way everyone can see the languages that we have translations for and the ones that are still outstanding. If you are not a member of the list and do not want to join, but would like to e-mail translated text to CentOS, please e-mail to or and we will get the text into the mailing list.

Which languages do we want? Any that you are fluent in and are included in the CentOS-5 install choices.

Please use a * for the bullets.

We will take care of moving the text to pictures, and formatting, etc.

attached is text for english slides that need changes - see file attachments


There are some completed translations already, here is a link to them.

Already completed translations

Here are the Release Note Slides:









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