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Brian "bex" Exelbierd

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Brian “bex” Exelbierd is the RHEL Community Business Owner and works to inform the RHEL roadmap with community efforts and to support Operating System communities. At Red Hat, Brian has worked as a technical writer, software engineer, content strategist, community architect and now as a product manager. Brian spends his day enabling Red Hat Operating System communities and easing the way for RHEL to participate in the great things they do. Before Red Hat, Brian worked with the University of Delaware as the Director of Graduate and Executive Programs in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics and as a Budget Analyst. Brian’s background in software engineering stretches back years before his university work and includes stints in both business and government. Many of his projects are the “glue code” or interstitial pieces that fill the spaces between systems, providing continuity and ease of use.


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