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Naming and Patterns for Mapping Git Branches to Koji Tags

Each SIG is assigned a shortname for use in Koji Tags and Git Branches, here is a list of the current SIGs and their shortnames:


Short Name

Atomic SIG


Cloud SIG


Cloud Instance SIG


Software Collections SIG


Storage SIG


Virtualization SIG


1. Git Branches

Git branches all follow a pattern that is matchable with this python regular expression:


For instance if a developer is working as part of the Cloud SIG building Openstack release Juno for CentOS 7 the branch would be:


The project and release attributes are optional components:

sig-cloud7              # Packages in common with all projects and releases in the Cloud SIG
sig-cloud7-openstack    # Packages in common with every release of Openstack in the Cloud SIG

2. Koji Tags

Given the same branch as above  sig-cloud7-openstack-juno  we need to map this branch first to a build target and in turn to a destination tag in Koji.

Our branch would map to the build target:  cloud7-openstack-juno-el7  and come out in the destination tag  cloud7-openstack-juno-candidate 

The lifecycle of the package from testing to release would look like this:

[build] => cloud7-openstack-juno-candidate => [basic smoke testing] => cloud7-openstack-juno-testing => [more rigorous testing] => cloud7-openstack-juno-release => [sign+release]

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