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Carl Trieloff leads the Open Source and Standards team in the CTO Office at Red Hat, with the mission to make our the projects and standards we invest in wildly successful. Prior Trieloff served as Technical Director of Cloud for Red Hat, heading up Red Hat's cloud strategy and product architecture. He also covered virtualization, management, and security products in starting Red Hat Enterprise MRG and working on the largest customer deals in Red Hat's history.

Trieloff has over 18 years of enterprise engineering experience in Trading Exchanges, middleware, messaging technologies, and distributed systems (SOA), including work on mission-critical control systems. Previously he drove strategy and headed engineering for Red Hat Enterprise MRG (Messaging, Realtime, Grid) since joining Red Hat in 2006. Trieloff is also the chair of Apache Qpid, an open source messaging project, and was one of the founding members of the AMQP Working Group. Has sponsored the setup of Deltacloud, a project in Apache incubator. Prior to joining Red Hat, he served as Director of Open Source at IONA Technologies, driving the creation of commercial, open source ESBs, Eclipse tooling, and other open source software projects. Trieloff also served as CTO and Vice President at Development of Exchange America, where he was responsible for technical strategy, the development team, and service operations. His experience spans designing and implementing control systems and large, distributed, highly available command and control networks.

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