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Christoph Galuschka

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6.1. Short

Christoph Galuschka does a lot of things, but likes umpiring tennis matches and riding his street cycle the most.

6.2. Long

I'm from Innsbruck, Austria. I will be 39 when C5 reaches EOL :) I came to know Linux in 1999 since it was "the" server OS of my employer at that time (kernel 2.0, slackware and patching raid-drivers into the kernel :) ). I first met CentOS in 2005 (I think) as the basic OS for an Enterprise Groupware Server (instant oGO). Needles to say it worked flawless. My company then changed and so I moved to OpenSuSE (it was allready in use at my new employer), but still kept an eye on CentOS. The changes in lifecycle support of OpenSuSE made me suggest a change of OS, and so I suggested CentOS6 (it's advantages making superb arguments). The suggestion was accepted and my plan has been implemented.

Finding t_functional finally gave me an opportunity to help and give something back (as CentOS also saves me a lot of time).

And here we are :)

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