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RDO Juno EL6 Quickstart

1. Status

At this time a few components of the Juno release have been recompiled for EL6 and are available in the repositories:

Available packages can be browsed at the following url.

The effort is lead by the CentOS Cloud SIG members.

Packages were rebuilt with the help of the CentOS infrastructure.

2. About Juno EL6 effort

The Juno EL6 effort has been started by the community to provide RDO users an easy way to roll in upgrades for their running installation. We focus on the compute/metering part and wanted the ability to keep hypervisors running on EL6 OS.

All dependencies are available through the provided RDO repository and EPEL is not required for the upgrade.

An effort to provide openstack-neutron is being worked on to provide RDO users a way to migrate from nova-network during the Juno cycle and before the Kilo upgrade.

If you are interested in rebuilding other parts or if you want to contribute please Get involved!

3. Lifecycle

The community will follow the Openstack "Juno" minor release schedule and provide updates in a timely manner. We will link to a more concrete timeline when we have the documents ready.

There are no plans to provide a EL6 rebuild of Openstack "Kilo" at this time.

4. Upgrade path from icehouse on any EL6 system

This documentation has been written for people willing to upgrade an RDO "Icehouse" compute node to RDO "Juno" release.

All the instructions assumed you followed the "Icehouse" guide during your initial installation.

4.1. Upgrade your base OS to the latest release

    yum upgrade

4.2. Disable old repositories

    yum-config-manager --disable foreman --disable epel --disable openstack-icehouse

4.3. Install Juno EL6 repositories

If you are running CentOS 6 with -extras repository enabled:

    yum install centos-release-openstack-juno 

Otherwise for other EL6 rebuilds please try:

    yum install http://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/6/cloud/x86_64/openstack-juno/centos-release-openstack-juno-2.el6.noarch.rpm

4.4. Upgrade to Juno

    yum upgrade

5. Feedback

We would be thrilled to get your comments/feedback/contribution. You can contact us on Freenode #rdo and #centos-devel channels or subscribe to rdo-list@redhat.com

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