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Cody Jackson

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7.1. Short

Cody Jackson is a computer science major living in the United States in California. He hopes to become a computer science professor after earning his Master's degree and aims to teach at a community college.

7.2. Long

Cody Jackson bought his first two computers--a 486SX and a 386--at the age of eight and since then has taken a profound interest in discovering how they tick. At the urging of a friend, he tried Fedora Core 4 several years later, and since then has used Linux regularly on most of his computers. At present, he is working his way through community college as a student, teachers' assistant, tutor, and community leader. He hopes to transfer in two semesters to a 4-year college. During his free time, he writes, paints, and plays blues guitar.

He runs CentOS on all but three of his computers.


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