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CentOS Registry

The CentOS Project aims to run a local container registry to facilitate upstream and distro components to be delivered in a format suitable to be consumed by container tool chains on CentOS Linux. This work is part of the wider CentOS Container Pipeline effort, which is tracked on the CentOS-Devel mailing list ( https://lists.centos.org/ ).

At any given time, we will have testing, development and released containers in the registry. The following lists the ones we consider as released along with the namespace they map into. In order to use this registry please add it to your search and pull paths. eg. on docker you can achieve this with :

setting --add-registry registry.centos.org 

in your /etc/sysconfig/docker file.

For details please visit the Readme in https://github.com/centos/container-index

You can view the full list of containers available on the UI of the registry being served on https://registry.centos.org.

The Team

We are a small team, spread around the world. Our ability to succeed is driven by the external contributors to the effort. So please keep those coming. Our present team is composed of :

Contact the team

We try and be available on #centos-devel at Libera.chat irc, but depending on your querry email might be a better way to engage. We monitor the CentOS-Devel list ( https://lists.centos.org/ ), and prefer using that list rather than personal email.

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