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CentOS Dojo and Barbecue at Aldershot, UK, Friday 12th July 2013, 9:30am

A one day sysadmin centric learning and sharing experience

The CentOS Dojo's are a one day event, organised around the world, that bring together people from the CentOS Communities to talk about systems administration, best practises in linux centric activities and emerging technologies of note. The emphasis is to find local speakers and tutors to come together and talk about things that they care about most, and to share stories from their experiences working with CentOS in various scenarios.

Venue Sponsors catn.jpeg [http://www.catn.com/ ]


In order to keep the sessions productive, the number of seats available are limited. We encourage everyone to register as early as possible. This also gives us a good chance to make sure we have a T-Shirt for you on the day with the right size! Thats right, every attendee gets their own exclusive CentOS Dojo T-Shirts.

Registrations are running via Event Brite Click Here to Register Now; We have an early bird ticket price of £10 ( through to 2nd Jul 2013 ), and a regular priced £15. Registrations close on the 11th Jul 2013, however please register as early as you can.

Registration cost includes an exclusive CentOS Dojo T-shirt. This is a not for profit event. Ticket sales are recycled into costs for the event.

Speakers and Agenda

The event kicks off at 9:00am for registration, with the talks starting at 9:30am.

Confirmed speakers at the event :

David Scott


A Cloud demo:: Dave will demonstrate how to use CentOS to build clouds based on OpenStack, the Xen hypervisor and Ceph distributed storage system.

Richard Jones


Programming Libvirt: Libvirt, virt tools and virtualization in CentOS:: In this short talk and Q&A, Richard will show how to use libvirt and other virt tools from some popular programming languages and in shell scripts. He will then answer (to the best of his ability) any questions you have about virtualization with KVM in CentOS.

Jon Cowie


Custom CentOS Live media Spinning:: In this talk Jon will look at the ins and outs of creating custom CentOS live CDs with the payload of your choice, converting them to be booted over the network via PXE and how these are used at Etsy to automate server provisioning and burn-in

Justin Clift


Getting started with Infiniband: A real hands on sessions, where Justin will talk through getting started with infiniband on CentOS, using equipment that he is bringing along with him. This is a chance for everyone to get proper hands on with infiniband kit and get the opportunity to speak with someone who really knows infiniband inside out.

Mark Sutton


Creating CentOS images for Openstack:: In this hands-on demonstration Mark will present his tips, tricks and best practises for creating CentOS images on Openstack, including unattended build, offline image manipulation, image integrity and much more…

Karanbir Singh


The CentOS Project:: Not a beginners guide to the CentOS Project. Who we are, what we do, why we do it, how we do it and how you can get involved.

Hog Roast and Beer evening

The guys at Fubra are also hosting a Hog Roast and bringing in beer for the after Dojo party from about 4pm! Here are some photos from a previous hog roast they held:






The CentOS Dojo, Aldershot 2013 is going to be held at the CatN / Fubra Offices in Aldershot. The venue address is :

Fubra Limited
Manor Coach House,
Church Hill,
GU12 4RQ

The venue is a 10 min walk from the local train station, which gets trains every 10 to 15 minutes from London Waterloo station ( 45'ish minute journey ). Here is a link to Google Maps.


Free parking is available on the road outside the Fubra Offices.

Local Hotels

Hotel Name


Phone Number

Prices From


Travelodge Aldershot

Westgate House, Alexandra Road GU11 1NY

+44 (0)20 3195 8848

From £29 per night

1.1 miles

Premier Inn Aldershot

7 Wellington Avenue, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 1SQ

+44 (0)1252 344063

From £26 per night

1.5 miles

Aldershot House

153 Newport Road, Aldershot, GU12 4PZ


From £49 per night

0.7 miles

Aviator Hotel

55 Farnborough Rd Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6EL

+44 (0)1252 555890

From £132 per night

3.8 miles


We have sponsorship opportunities available, please get in touch with us at Donate address for more details. NOTE: This is a not for profit event, all funds raised as a part of the CentOS Dojo effort are rolled into the CentOS promo fund and will be used for further CentOS Dojo Events. For contributions towards this event and future Dojo's please also consider buying the Sponsor tickets at the registration page at http://centosdojoaldershot.eventbrite.co.uk/

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