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We'll be holding our annual CentOS Dojo in Brussels, at the Marriott Grand Place (about 5 minutes walk from Grand Place) on the Friday before FOSDEM - January 31st, 2020. We are looking for a full day of technical content covering all aspects of the CentOS project. Presentation submissions about Fedora and RHEL are also welcome, if there is an overlap with CentOS in some way.

Please register at EventBrite (Registration is free, but helps us know how to plan.)

Also, watch @CentOSProject on Twitter for updates.


Marriott Grand Place, Brussels
Rue Auguste Orts 3-7
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Map of venue

Agenda and Speakers

The day long event starts at 9:00am and closes by 5:00pm, at which point we will all head over for the FOSDEM Drinks Event, which traditionally happens at Delirium on Friday evening.


Studio 2 Room : Work/Hack room and CentOS User Interviews - all day


Track 1

Track 2


8:30 - 9:30


9:30 - 10:15

CentOS Stream the “what” and “why" - Panel

10:15 - 11:00

What's new with CentOS at Facebook - Davide Cavalca, Naomi Reeves

Cockpit: a modern admin interface for NethServer - Edoardo Spadoni

Project goals interviews

11:00 - 11:30

Break and hallway track

11:30 - 12:15

Cloud SIG update - Alfredo Moralejo Alonso, Javier Peña

Introduction to Grafana Loki - Julien Pivotto

Project goals interviews

12:15 - 13:30


13:30 - 14:15

Podman containers and HPC - Adrian Reber

OSS diversity is good (aka why we run various dns servers flavors in CentOS) - Fabian Arrotin

Project goals interviews

14:15 - 15:00

Why #CentOS is a great Desktop distribution – and why Ubuntu in the end often is a better choice - Thorsten Leemhuis

What's new in the Prometheus Ecosystem? - Julien Pivotto

Project goals interviews

15:00 - 15:30

Break and hallway track

15:30 - 16:15

Software Collections – when you need all the versions - Jan Staněk

Introduction to Uyuni and using Uyuni to manage CentOS - Pau Garcia Quiles

Project goals interviews

16:15 - 17:00

Playing with armhfp devices - Pablo Greco

Custom CentOS AMI builds on AWS - Marko Bevc

Project goals interviews


Adrian Reber - Podman containers and HPC

Slides Video

To run containers on CentOS (7 or 8) in HPC environments it used to be necessary to install one of the existing HPC specific container engines. One of the main requirements for containers in HPC is that they can be used rootless (not run as the root user), which those HPC specific container engines made possible.

With the inclusion of Podman, which supports rootless containers, in CentOS 7 and 8 it is now possible to run containers in HPC environments on CentOS out of the box, without any additional software installation.

In this talk I want to give an introduction about how an HPC like environment can look like and how OpenHPC can help setting it up using slurm and Open MPI. I want to discuss the requirements of running containers in HPC like environments and how Podman fulfills those requirements. I want to end this presentation with a demonstration of Podman running an Open MPI based application on a two node slurm based OpenHPC cluster.

Panel CentOS Stream the “what” and “why"


CentOS Stream is a view into what the next version of RHEL will look like, available to a much broader community than just a beta or "preview" release. It is a continuous stream of content with updates several times daily, encompassing the latest and greatest from the RHEL codebase. CentOS Stream was announced in September 2019. Join this panel for a discussion of the project’s goals, status and learn how you can join the effort.

Panel participants will include Brian Exelbierd, Jim Perrin, and Carl George.

Julien Pivotto - What's new in the Prometheus Ecosystem?

Slides Video

Prometheus and its community are moving fast. This talk will browse (and demo) some of the latest features of Prometheus and its ecosystem, including the exporters.

Alfredo Moralejo Alonso, Javier Peña - Cloud SIG update

Slides Video

In this talk, we'll provide an update on the status of the Cloud Special Interest Group. We'll focus on the adoption of CentOS8, expectations and challenges we are facing while moving to the new CentOS version. Also, we will present the trends we've observed in OpenStack usage and how it's evolving in recent times.

Edoardo Spadoni - Cockpit: a modern admin interface for NethServer

Slides Video

What is NethServer? How we use Cockpit in NethServer?

With Cockpit we redesigned NethServer graphical user interface and the way the sysadmin interacts with it. We created APIs for system management fully encapsulated into Cockpit modules. Everything is available through RPM packages.

Thorsten Leemhuis - Why #CentOS is a great Desktop distribution – and why Ubuntu in the end often is a better choice

Slides Video

Install the OS and use it without upgrades or adjusting to major changes till you throw the hardware away. That's something a lot of less tech savvy end users wish for on their Desktop machines or Laptops. This talk will outline why CentOS is the only free distribution where this is practical, but focus on the various reasons why only a few people even consider CentOS for this use case and compare it the situation with Ubuntu, which often is used as long term Linux distro. During the talk Thorsten, who reviews multiple Linux distributions every year, will also discuss which technical or marketing aspects would need to be changed if someone wanted to make CentOS interesting for this use case.

Davide Cavalca, Naomi Reeves - What's new with CentOS at Facebook

Slides (also on Slideshare) Video

We'll go over some of the recent happenings around managing and deploying CentOS at scale on the Facebook fleet.

Julien Pivotto - Introduction to Grafana Loki

Slides Video

This talk will present Grafana Loki, the latest player in logs collection. Loki is like Prometheus, but for logs.

After a short introduction, we will demo how you can collect your logs and send them to Loki. There will be some live demos demonstrating how to view, analyze and efficiently query those logs.

Fabian Arrotin - OSS diversity is good (aka why we run various dns servers flavors in CentOS)

Slides Video

In this (brief ?) talk, we'll cover some of the DNS servers flavors that we use in the CentOS.org infra, and reasons why we do. So covering why we use Bind, Unbound, PowerDNS and Dnsmasq in parallel, as (depending on the case) authoritative or resolver/caching server[s]

Jan Staněk - Software Collections – when you need all the versions

Slides Video

The SCLo SIG provides packages for multiple versions of various software bundles that are installable in parallel. This talk aims to illustrate what is different in packaging a software collection, how collections relate to CentOS Stream Application Streams, and how you can contribute.

Pau Garcia Quiles - Using Uyuni to manage CentOS

Slides Video

Uyuni is a software-defined infrastructure and configuration management solution. It bootstraps physical servers, creates VMs for virtualization and cloud, deploys and updates packages -even with content lifecycle management features-, builds container images, and tracks what runs on your Kubernetes clusters. All using Salt under the hood.

Playing with armhfp devices - Pablo Greco


Many users could benefit from using small Single-Board Computers like the Raspberry Pi and others, but it is not always clear what can work and what can't generating a lot of frustration.

This talk will try to explain the minimal things for the new users to know what to expect of their devices, and then play with those devices getting them to work. Bring yours!!!

Custom CentOS AMI builds on AWS - Marko Bevc

Slides Video

Deploying services on CentOS using Amazon AWS Cloud usually involves building custom AMI base image for running our workloads. There might be different reasons for doing so, such as system hardening, ensuring latest OS patches, configuration management, bootstrapping and quicker instance spin-ups, etc. This talk will focus on our experience automating this process and achieving flexibility and high deployment cadence. We will discuss motivation, challenges, CI/CD integration with automated testing and lessons learned.

Project goals interviews - Karsten Wade et al

We are working on an update to the CentOS Project goals that were originally laid out in 2014 and are online at centos.org/about. At this CentOS Dojo, we are holding informal user and contributor interviews in a room throughout the day. Please join us and share your open and honest experiences with CentOS the project, technologies, community, and so forth. We’d like to hear from you and, ultimately, see how your input can inform the goal-setting process and outcome. You are welcome to bring your questions about community, governance, project direction, other strategic thoughts, and so forth.

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