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How to plan a Dojo: Schedule Selection


The Details

The point of a Dojo is to convey a particular message to your audience, and you must decide well in advance what that message is. The Call for Presentations is your guide, but you are in charge or crafting a message.

For example, your message might be ...

... and so on.

You are not only selecting the right talks to tell this story, but, if you have enough talks submitted, you can lead the audience through a story, from introduction to examples, by planning the schedule carefully.

(Disclaimer: you have the talks that are submitted, and have to work with those. Sometimes you don't have the luxury of crafting exactly the message you wanted. But explaining the story in the CFP can help.)

Invite a prominent speaker from the CentOS community, or from local industry, to give an interesting or entertaining opening talk. The CentOS Promo list can help you find and contact such people.

Do this entire process in public, on the Promo mailing list, asking for volunteers to come help.

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