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How to plan a Dojo: Post-event Survey

You must have a post-event survey, which gives us a way to compare one event to another, and improve them year over year.

You should create the survey (Google forms work great) before the event, and display the URL of the survey prominently during the event. Create a QR code for it, and put it in your rotating slide presentation that is displayed in the foyer.

The survey must be anonymous. The email address question must be optional.

Send the survey out with the post-event email.

Two weeks later, post the survey results (roll-ups, not individual answers) to the CentOS blog. Keep the results around to refer to next time. Example

We recommend that you use the same survey that is used at all Dojos, so that survey results are directly comparable.

Our current survey consists of the following questions:

1) I use CentOS for ...

2) I came to this event from (customize per event)

3) Talks were:

4) I would like to see more content about:

5) Something that could be improved about this Dojo is:

6) I would like to have a Dojo in (Location)

7) I'd also like to tell you:

8) Please contact me for more of my opinion. My email address is ...

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