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How to plan a Dojo: Venue and Date selection

You'll need a venue and a date for your event. You want to announce the event far enough in advance that people can make plans to attend, and this will vary greatly depending on who your target audience is. If attendees will all come from the local area, and perhaps from established meetup groups, you will need less time to promote than if attendees will travel internationally to attend, for example.

Ensure that the selected venue has adequate space for the talk sessions, a general area for unstructured conversations, and a display table of some kind where CentOS swag can be laid out along with information about the event and about CentOS.

Ensure that the selected date does not conflict with any major regional event, important holidays, or sporting events. These will affect venue cost, attendance, and available parking, among other considerations.

Local Universities are often willing to make meeting space available inexpensively, or even free in many cases.

Coordinate with the CentOS Promo mailing list, so that we can help you look for a venue, as well as help promote the event.

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