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FrOSCamp 2010 - Zurich, Switzerland

FrOSCamp is a multilingual two-day event taking place from 17th to 18th September 2010 on the premises of the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. It is completely free of charge and intended to be an exhibition, conference and hackfest featuring free and open source software as well as free content. While various people and projects will show, explain, demonstrate and develop further their works the event is free of any commercial offerings (save snacks and drinks). The event is open to any visitor but it's also strongly encouraged that projects take the chance and exchange ideas and experiences with other projects or hold the project's yearly meeting during the gathering.

This years FrOSCamp will host FUDCon EMEA which is the biggest meeting of Fedora users and Developers in Europe and also a great oppertunity for CentOS to take part.

Please visit the FrOSCamp website for further information.


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