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CentOS Keysigning Party

Where: The place where the Interlock is happening

When: Undetermined

What should I do before the party?

* Send a copy of your public key(s) to brian [at] bstinson.com

We will compile and post a keyring for the participants and hand out a worksheet for easy verification during the keysigning party.

What should I bring to the party?

What do we do at the party?

  1. We will hand out the worksheets with names and key fingerprints to each participant
  2. Beginning from the top of the worksheet, each participant will read aloud their key from their personal printed copy (mentioned above in things to bring)
  3. The other participants will verify the key as read aloud against the fingerprint on the worksheet
  4. We form 2 lines facing one another, you and the person in front of you verify each others' identity
    • Note: By signing this person's key, you are expressing your belief that he/she is the person named on the key. Use your judgement in how much verification you feel is necessary to make this assertion
  5. We shift one of the lines by 1 person and you continue verifying identities until everyone has seen everyone else
  6. At the end you should leave with a complete worksheet of identities and keys that you have verified

After the party

Having verified the identity of each participant, you should have a worksheet with key IDs to sign. Using a tool like PIUS can help quite a bit.

If you choose not to use PIUS, you will need to sign each identity attached to the key and encrypt-email the file to the person who you've verified.

Special thanks to the SCALE folks for putting together instructions that this page is based on: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/14x/pgp-key-signing-party

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