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Welcome to the first ever CentOS Interlock taking place in Paris, France from Nov 9th to Nov 10th 2016.

Please Note: due to facilities concerns, only people with their names on the attendance list will be allowed admittance. We do still have a few slots open for project contributors, so get in touch immediately if you would like to attend.


The CentOS interlock will run as a 2 day event, with speaker sessions in the morning, interactive and participant activities during the afternoon, followed by a closing keynote on each of the two days. Our broad goals for the event are :

During these two days, you will be able to engage with members of the CentOS Board, SIG admins, CentOS Infra team, as well as talk with other users from around the CentOS Ecosystem.

SIG Cafe

On both days, we will run a SIG Cafe, where anyone interested in joining a SIG, or starting a SIG will be able to sit down with a CentOS Board member, and walk through the entire process in a couple of hours time. Walking away with everything in place, and a good understanding on how the entire process works from content builds to delivery to documentation and support for your upstream project's work in the CentOS environments. These SIG Cafe sessions would also be useful for people wanting to join the CentOS CI infra ( ci.centos.org ), we would work with you through the signup and help get started on the day.


Because we have limited capacity for this event, we are asking everyone who wishes to attend to please register interest, as soon as possible, at : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/centos-interlock-paris-2016-tickets-26754473350

Speaking & Presenting

Want to speak ? We have slots for lightning talks as well as 30 min speaker sessions on both days. Please get in touch with me at KaranbirSingh ( kbsingh@centos.org ); We are very keen to hear from users representing various use-cases around CentOS Linux, the SIGs and related resources ( eg. cbs.centos.org / ci.centos.org ). Some of the key focus areas are : sysadmin, cloud, containers, HPC and clusters, documentation, community support, storage, virtualisation, IT in Education, buildsystems, patch management, security, devops, agile operations, toolchains, upstream development, language runtimes, systems architecture etc.

Sessions and Agenda

Venue and Hospitality

We are going to be meeting in the heart of Paris, at the Red Hat Paris City offices.

{{{"Ice House" Red Hat 11 bis, rue Roquépine 75008 Paris }}} Google Maps link : https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/11+Rue+Roquépine,+75008+Paris,+France/

On both days of the event, we will aim to have a coffee, tea and water available through the day onsite; as well as a catered lunch. If you have specific requirements, please let us know in your registration request and we shall try out best to meet them.


If you are keen to sponsor the event, please get in touch with me at kbsingh@centos.org

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