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NLLGG Meeting 2008/CentOS community day

Event Information

The Dutch Linux Usergroup (NLLGG) organizes regular meetings, and have invited us to help organizing a CentOS community day at the NLLGG meeting on June 7, 2008.



If you want to help, drop me DanielDeKok or DagWieers a note or answer the call for participation on the centos-nl mailinglist or on the centos-promo mailing list.


Title: CentOS Deployment and Management

Title: CentOS and Virtualization

Title: CentOS and the Enterprise Linux market

Other benefits of CentOS include a proven and stable enterprise platform, 7 years guaranteed low-risk security updates and low maintenance. These characteristics make CentOS suited for server environments, appliances and desktop systems.

As a community effort, CentOS has a big installation base, a vivid community and extra package repositories that complete the experience.

The CentOS presentation scheduled at LinuxTag will introduce you to the CentOS project, the different supported CentOS releases and a demonstration of CentOS as a desktop, server or appliance solution. At the Open Source pavilion we provide you more information about CentOS and the latest CentOS 5.1 release and for more advance inquiries ask one of our CentOS experts.

Title: CentOS on the desktop

The presentation will first introduce you to the different things one need to know before installing a Linux operating system. Then we will do an installation together on the big screen and look at the all the different ways to improve your desktop. We will discuss little tips and tricks, show you how to install additional packages, finetune your configuration, perform maintenance tasks and showcase popular applications.

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