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Organizing CentOS Dojos (DRAFT)

In addition to promoting CentOS at events and user group meetings the community occasionally organizes CentOS Dojos. We're eager to help the larger CentOS community become involved in running Dojos, so we'll use this page to help provide a guideline and resources for running Dojos.

Approval for Dojos

If you'd like to run a Dojo, the first step is to get approval on the centos-promo mailing list. We have a few considerations that are important for the Dojos, and we want to ensure that they're observed:

Getting approval is not a difficult process, but we do ask that organizers seek and get approval before proceeding.

To get approval, sign up for the CentOS-Promo mailing list and send an email to centos-promo@centos.org . Please let us know:

Location and Considerations

Dojos work best with an audience of 40 to 80 people. We can, and have, run larger Dojos, but it reduces the ability for speakers and attendees to interact. Having the ability to ask questions and get feedback is very important for Dojos, and we want to maintain a friendly and conversational tone for presentations and sessions at Dojos.

Finding Speakers and Content

Content needs to be technical in nature and appeal to an audience of system administrators. We should look for:

Note that Dojos can also have a theme, like configuration management, deploying Infrastructure-as-a-Service, virtualization, etc.

You can ask for help in soliciting speakers on the CentOS-Promo list.


If at all possible, we'd like to have presentations recorded for those who cannot attend. This is not a hard requirement for running a Dojo, but it is a goal.

Even if this is not possible, you should encourage speakers to make their slides available after the event.

Additional Questions?

Questions on running a CentOS Dojo? Feel free to ask on the CentOS-Promo mailing list. We'll try to respond quickly to any questions and help in any way that's reasonable.

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