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Pre-FOSDEM 2007

What ?

We'd like to hold a small pre-event to socialize with people from the Fedora/CentOS/RPM community away from the hectic FOSDEM event itself.

Who ?

Everybody who feels involved in the Fedora/CentOS/RPM community.

When ?

The day before FOSDEM. This is Friday 23th February 2007 at 14h, but you're welcome until the evening. After this small pre-FOSDEM event we'll move to the 'more' official social event in the evening. Beer Event

Where ?


The Pre-Fosdem meeting will take place at the Café Monk, which is located on the St Catherine Place (Rue St Catherine 42) and it's located near '*La Bourse*' (5min walk from the Grand Place in Brussels). The easiest way is to take the metro up until St Catherine.

It's a a nice 'typical' bar near the center of Brussels where we can come together and have a nice drink before the official FOSDEM social event.

Here are two maps to help you find the place:

small.png large.png


If you have problems finding the venue or into some other problems, you can reach:


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