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Rakuten Technology Conference 2008 (楽天テクノロジーカンファレンス2008)

website: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/event/techconf/2008/eea0897aa071a84f082a2d428607701b.html

Event Information

The Rakuten group provides internet service that holds the largest user base (44 million) in Japan. In this conference, a number of programs are being prepared that will introduce Rakuten's participation in the open source development and involvement in the field of international research and development.

Panel Discussion <Distribution developers gathering>

Developers from various distributions come together and present their distro's features and introduce community's activity. By lateral communications and sharing information, they will discuss problems/issues common to them and methodology to make developers happy. They will also talk about how users can join in the development of their project.

Participating projects (subject to change): slax-ja, Momonga Project, Ubuntu Japanese Team,Gentoo Linux Users Group Japan, Project Vine,openSUSE, Debian JP Project, The CentOS Project


If you wish to help, please post to the centos-promo mailing list.

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