We'll be holding a CentOS Dojo at Oak Ridge National Labs, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Further details will be here as they are available. Also watch @CentOSProject on Twitter for updates

Call For Presentations

The call for presentations is now open and we'd like to close it on February 15th.

We are looking for presentations relating to CentOS - whether it's infrastructure that you're running on CentOS, or projects that develop and run on CentOS. See the schedule from a recent event to get an idea of what kind of talks we have scheduled at other events.

Where To Stay

Oak Ridge (15 min drive to visitor center where the event is):

West Knox (about 25-30 min drive but closer to food , night life, and things todo)

Downtown (pricey but lots to do! 30-45 min drive )

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