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Unshipped Packages

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8, Red Hat decided to not ship all packages that are built from RHEL spec files. CentOS 8 Linux does the same in the spirit of its goal of being as compatible as possible with RHEL 8. However, some of these unshipped packages are still desirable to users.

1. Requesting a package be shipped

To request a package be included in CentOS 8 Linux, we want assurance that it is on the way in the next RHEL 8 minor release. This helps us avoid CentOS 8 Linux diverging too much from RHEL 8. To initiate this process, please file a bug in https://bugzilla.redhat.com and request it be added to RHEL 8. As described in our FAQ, report the bug against the "CentOS Stream" version of the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8" product.

Check disabled repos first

Before opening a request, please ensure that the package you are looking for isn't already available in a repository that is disabled by default, such as PowerTools.

2. Workflow

If RHEL agrees to ship the package, the following events can happen, in order.

1. released in CentOS Stream 8

2. released in the next RHEL 8 minor release

3. released in the next CentOS Linux 8 minor release

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