Fabian Arrotin

Email: <arrfab@centos.org>

Blog : http://www.arrfab.net/blog

IRC nick : arrfab (on #centos,#centos-devel,#centos-social, #centos-ppc and all other channels on irc.freenode.net)

Who am I ? (short bio/resume)

I discovered (seriously) Linux in 1998 (my first "attempt" was a Slackware) with a RHL 5.2 install and tested several distributions but I always went back to Red Hat. When they decided to split between RHEL and Fedora core, I couldn't support the cost of an Enterprise Linux distro for my personal needs ( on my workstations and servers ). I then found the CentOS Project and quickly tried to be part of that community. My involvment within the CentOS project includes :

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