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CentOS Mailing Lists Policy

1. Administration & List Management

The CentOS localized lists are unmoderated. Typically posting will be restricted to members only, however the administrators may choose to accept submissions from non-members based on individual merit and relevance.

It is expected that all CentOS lists will be largely self-policing, however in special circumstances (eg spamming, misappropriation, disruptive behavior) offending members might be removed from or restricted from posting to a given list by a list administrator.

It is important that the list administrator understands the CentOS teams' goals and philosophies.

If a list administrator is unsure about something, they should ask for help on IRC (#centos-devel on freenode) or centos-devel mailing list. List administrators are expected to be subscribed to, and follow the centos and centos-devel lists.

List administrators are supposed to do membership management, despam the lists, and tend to moderation requests which Mailman sends to them. Technical offlist questions about the list itself may be answered as the administrator finds it to be convenient, but it is a perfectly reasonable response to refer the inquiring party to CentOS web resources, or to the proper mailing list.

As the list administrator is the link between the localized list and the rest of CentOS, list administrators should have reasonable English language skills.

List administrators are automatically subscribed to the centos-moderators list, where policy questions, vacations (and standbys for such vacations) and other issues about moderating the mailing lists are to be discussed.

2. Acceptable Content

3. Posting Guidelines

The primary language of each list will be specific and defined on the list information page. Besides that, posts can be partially written in english, as long as the use of that language is justified. Members are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of netiquette when posting to the list.

Trim! Quoting should not exceed that which is necessary to convey context. This is especially relevant to members subscribed to the digested version of the list.

The use of HTML is strongly discouraged. Signatures should preferably be short and to the point, and those containing 'disclaimers' should be avoided where possible.

Attachments should be avoided. It's better to put it on the interweb and provide a link URL from which it might be retrieved. Some (all?) lists are configured to automatically discard attachments.

Vacation messages, and other automatic replies, should be carefully configured by both list members and particularly list administrators to avoid replying to list postings. Offenders may be excluded from posting rights to the mailing list until the problem is corrected.

It is the expectation that list members will not cross-post the same content to more than one mailing list, whether both are CentOS lists, or a mixture of those from CentOS and another project. Again, offenders may be excluded from posting rights to the mailing list.

I'll leave the discussion part open for a short while, in case something has been overlooked (RalphAngenendt)


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