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1. The Laptop

Manufacturer: Acer Model: TravelMate 2423 wxci CPU: Intel Celeron M 1.5GHz RAM: 512MB Hard drive capacity: 80GB

2. Hardware

DVD read: 8X dual layer

CD read/write: combo

LAN: 10/100LAN Fast Eth Realtek

Wireless: Atheros AR5005G 802.11b/g


Video: Intel GMA 910 shared mem up to 128MB

USB: three USB 2.0 ports

Firewire: n/a

Media card reader: n/a

Touchpad or other pointing device: Touchpad with 4-way scroll button

Accelerator buttons (music, DVD, web, other): four configurable buttons

Adaptive CPU speed: n/a

Sense battery level: n/a

Suspend (manual):n/a

Suspend (close lid):n/a

3. Additional information

The installation was successfully from the beginning using Cent Os 3.9 (now downloading 5.1), I only have some problems finding some drivers, in partucular the Atheros Wifi drivers,(don`t work for the moment). I also share a second partition with windows XP using GRUB as boot manager, and works just fine.


The main purpose is the development of VHDL code for FPGA devices (Xilinx) and the implementation of uClinux over a MicroBlaze system. I installed the EDA tools ISE WebPack from xilinx and they works very very nice.

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