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Dell Latitude E6500

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1. Hardware information

1.1. Standard Features

The Dell Latitude E6500 is a sturdy business-class computer, weighing 2.46 kg (5.69 lb) with 6-cell battery. Magnesium-alloy case.

2. CentOS-5

2.1. Installation

No problems using installation from CD. I've used both multiple CD's and a single CD install (unselecting all package groups except "Base").

2.2. Post-installation notes

2.2.1. Display/x.org

Works. Need to enter System->Administration->Display->Hardware->Monitor Type and change to "LCD Panel 1440x900," then log out and log back in to restart X. On CentOS < 5.4, backlight never turned off. It now turns off in CentOS 5.5.

2.2.2. Suspend to RAM

Suspend to RAM (manual/close lid): Doesn't work out-of-box - suspends but doesn't wake (system is active, can poweroff "blindly," for ex., but no video.) Does work if Nvidia driver is installed, though it's a little flakey - works 9 times out of 10 at least. (Workaround: set a password in the BIOS - can use suspend-to-ram this way without the Nvidia driver. This seems to allow the video to start.)

2.2.3. Suspend to Disk

Suspend to Disk (Hibernate): works out-of-box. Does not work if Nvidia driver is installed.

2.2.4. Virtualization

Both Xen and KVM work. I couldn't get KVM to work until I turned on virtualization in the BIOS. I went to BIOS Setup->Virtualization Support->Virtualization, and clicked on "Intel Virtualization Technology." Also under Virtualization Support, I went to VT for Direct IO and clicked on "Enable VT for Direct IO."

2.3. Issues

2.3.1. Media card reader

SD card doesn't work - haven't tried others. Haven't investigated.

2.3.2. Wifi light

Doesn't work

2.3.3. Bluetooth light

Always stays on, whether or not Bluetooth is running.

2.3.4. Gnome Network Monitor and Netspeed Applets

These are sketchy in detecting networks. They pick up a certain network device (eth0, vibr0, wlan0) on boot or after starting vibr0 and can't be changed afterword (unless the network it currently detects goes down). Works for wlan0.

3.1. Review: Dell Latitude E6500 Notebook


3.2. Dell Latitude E6500 User Review


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