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1. Hardware information

1.1. Standard Features

List here the hardware components of your Laptop

2. CentOS 6.4

2.1. Installation

Downloaded a CentOS 6.4 x86_64 iso image, burned to DVD, booted from DVD and performed a complete install wiping out the previous operating system and partitions that came with the laptop

2.2. Post-installation notes

All of the main items worked right out of the box after installation. The ethernet card and Wifi were not enable by default, but after enabling I was connected to the network and surfing the Internet and updating software

In order to access youtube videos, Pandora music, or anything requiring Adobe Flash you will probably need to need to update. If you plan on creating any virtual machines, you will need to enable the Virtualization settings in BIOS

2.3. Issues

3. CentOS-4

Did not test with CentOS-4


Add additional resources for your laptop here that helped you during the process. Also add links to vendor pages about this specific Laptop.

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