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To get adaptive cpuspeed to work, edit /etc/sysconfig/cpuspeed and change

#OPTS="$OPTS -a /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/*/state"


OPTS="$OPTS -a /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/AC/state -C"

Initially display will not be native resolution. I used System->Administration->Display to change the monitor type to "LCD Panel 1024x768"


I suspect the failure to install from DVD in my case ( MichaelPeters ) was related to random read errors caused by an aging system, hence flawless install via HTTP install.

When suspending, the system does suspend. However, after waking it up, the green "moon" LED continues to flash, and it can not re-establish a wireless connection (using atheros card via madwifi). It does however re-establish a wired connection.

Note that suspend did not work at all when Fedora Core 6 was new, but worked perfectly (including wireless reconnect) by the time Fedora 6 went EOL. It seems that CentOS 5.1 at the moment has partial but not perfect suspend support for this model.

2023-09-11 07:22