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1. Preparation

1.1. Booting the host OS

You can use any distribution that can use the rpm package manager. Even if the host distribution doesn't use rpm natively.

If you're using a CentOS installion CD, either CD or DVD 1, or a live CD, boot the CD with: {{{linux rescue }}} or alternatively: {{{linux text }}} to start in a "text mode" ("TUI") console. If you have already booted into the "graphical" ("GUI") install environment, once it progresses a bit, when the installation interview reaches the partitioning questions, you may type: ctrl-alt-F2 This will get a text console in which to work on partition details. Once you are satisfied with, and have saved the partitioning information in the TUI console, reboot the installation, and work forward from that partitioning by simply typing:

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