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Clonezilla Live CD via PXE

A simple documentation to quickly setup up Clonezilla on a PXE server.

What is Clonezilla

Clonezilla is a partition or disk clone software similar to Ghost. It saves and restores only used blocks in hard drive.

Features of Clonezilla

1. Requirements:

2. References:

3. NFS Server Config:

Setup directories

mkdir -p /mnt/isoimage 
mkdir -p /exports/clonezilla

Download the clonezilla-live-$LATESTVERSION.iso to /tmp

Mount the iso image and copy contents to the export directory.

mount -o loop /tmp/clonezilla-live-$LATESTVERSION.iso /mnt/isoimage  
cp -a /mnt/isoimage/. /exports/clonezilla
umount /mnt/isoimage 

Restart NFS

add /exports/clonezilla *(ro,sync) /etc/exports
service nfs restart
exportfs -ra 

4. Tftp Server Config:

Setup directories

mkdir -p /tmp/clonezilla
mkdir /mnt/isoimage
mkdir  /tftpboot/images/clonezilla/

Mount the Clonezilla iso image and copy the boot files to the clonzilla tftp server directory.

mount -o loop clonezilla-live-$LATESTVERSION.iso /mnt/isoimage 
cp /mnt/isoimage/casper/initrd1.img   /tftpboot/images/clonezilla/initrd.gz
cp /mnt/isoimage/casper/vmlinuz1   /tftpboot/images/clonezilla/vmlinuz

umount  /mnt/isoimage 

PXE menu entry

MENU LABEL Clonezilla live

label clonezilla
kernel images/clonezilla/vmlinuz
# Older Clonezilla
# append initrd=images/clonezilla/initrd.gz boot=casper netboot nfsroot=$NFSSERVER:$NFSEXPORT
# Clonezilla 1.1.0-8
append initrd=images/clonezilla/initrd.gz boot=live union=aufs netboot=nfs nfsroot=$NFSSERVER:$NFSEXPORT

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