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We do NOT recommend doing an installation by pointing at a package archive mirror across the public internet. They are unsupported, for several reasons.

There are several reasons which form the basis for this recommendation:

People attempting such installations tend to be 'drive-by' distribution 'samplers' or 'first time newbies' who impose a load of many questions on CentOS support structures, seem to always be insistent on receiving immediate answers, but (from experience) have usually not read the Installation documentation. As such, there is little incentive to support such efforts by the regulars in the #centos IRC channel.

If one asserts that no other way to perform an install, the usual cautions about doing a absolutely minimal 'bootstrap' installation apply; That is, seek to minimize the pain in this poor installation environment by choosing the fewest needed packages to handle partitioning, and to get the host to a state where any remaining packages may be added using the more robust yum mechanism, AFTER the first reboot.

<!> Bottom line: "across the internet" installations are not likely to end well for novice installers, and are not recommended. Don't do that. It is not supported.

2023-09-11 07:22