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1. About oVirt

oVirt is a virtualization management application. That means that you can use the oVirt management interface (the oVirt engine) to manage hardware nodes, storage and network resources, and to deploy and monitor virtual machines running in your data center.

oVirt serves as the bedrock for Red Hat Virtualization product, and is the "upstream" project where new features are developed in advance of their inclusion in that supported product offering.

To get started with oVirt, you can follow the upstream quick start guide.

The oVirt team is currently delivering some RPM packages for CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Stream 9 on oVirt site repositories while the most of the RPM packages are shipped through CentOS mirrors.

2. oVirt and the CentOS Virtualization SIG

oVirt joined the CentOS Virtualization SIG with the following goals:

3. Updated Documentation

Please refer to the oVirt documentation

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