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How Do I Become a CentOS developer

The question occasionally is asked: How do I become a CentOS developer?

The matter was discussed on the mailing list in a thread starting and summarized in one core member's view.

In IRC (remember that there is a #centos-devel channel on Libera Chat where the developers hang out), the question also arises:

11:47 leonel> ubuntu and debian has a roadmap to become a ubuntu or debian developer is there a roadmap to become a CentOS developer / maintainer ?
11:48 orc_emac> leonel: this was discussed int the ML last year
11:48 * leonel goes to the ML
11:48 orc_emac> file bugs, triage bugs, fix bugs is a fast route to show competence
11:48 orc_emac> show competence and things will happen
11:49 orc_emac> wow -- a 23 (ed: actually 19 -- the author miscounted) word complete answer
11:49 leonel> jejeje
11:49 leonel> ok

2023-09-11 07:22