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Mirror Restructuring

There are some issues with the way we do the mirrors at the moment, so we are rethinking on how we should do that. All thoughts about this can be found on this page.

1. Meeting in #centos-mirror on 2010-10-25

There was a meeting in #centos-mirror on the 25th of October where we talked about the two mirror frameworks which seem to be most likely to replace what we have right now:

Fedora's MirrorManager and MirrorBrain

We had Adrian Reber who told us a bit about MirrorManager and Peter Poeml who is the person behind MirrorBrain. During the meeting a short pro/con list was done, which also talks a bit about how mirroring is done at the moment.

1.1. Short introduction

1.2. Alternatives

1.3. IRC logs


2. FAQ

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