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John Dennison

1. Project Responsibilities

What responsibilities do you have inside of the project ?

As of June 17th, 2023 I have resigned my roles within the CentOS Project; the following is preserved for historical context.

2. Contact information

3. Interests

What are your personal interests in the CentOS project ?

4. List of achievements

What have you accomplished already ?

5. Personal TODO list

What items are you going to do (if time permits) ?

6. Biography

6.1. Short

Venerable and crusty old-school system and security administrator.

6.2. Long

Got started with UNIX-like platforms at the age of 15 and have been doing it ever since. During that time I've been exposed to most of the UNIX platforms that have been around (and have out-lasted almost all of them) ranging from TRS-Xenix on a TRS-80 Model 16 to modern-day Linux in the form of CentOS. Currently self-employed doing consulting for niche clients.


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