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John Newbigin

1. Project Responsibilities

2. Contact information

3. Interests

What are your personal interests in the CentOS project ?

4. List of achievements

What have you accomplished already ?

5. Personal TODO list

What items are you going to do (if time permits) ?

6. Biography

I work at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering in 1999. My job is split between software development and Linux administration. I have a keen interest in open source software and particularly Linux. I dislike bugs and spend most of my time squashing them.

6.1. Short

Firstname Lastname does a lot of things, but mostly is very good in one-line biography writing.

6.2. Long

Since Firstname Lastname was born, he grew up being attached to Linux...

Firstname Lastname's Homepage

7. Scratch area

Free flow of ideas, thoughts, links and whatever you like...


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