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Lucian Maly


1. Project Responsibilities

What responsibilities do you have inside of the project ?

2. Contact information

3. Interests

What are your personal interests in the CentOS project ?

4. List of achievements

What have you accomplished already ?

5. Personal TODO list

What items are you going to do (if time permits) ?

6. Biography

6.1. Short

Heavy cross-functional, adaptable engineer with 8+ years' experience working for top-tier Silicon Valley software vendors in various roles and locations (Europe, USA, Australia) and 2+ years' DevOps consulting. Genuinely passionate about cloud computing and open source projects. Active member of various Meetup.com groups.

6.2. Long

I studied physics & computer technology at The University of West Bohemia in Czech. Thanks to my first employer, Kerio Technologies, i moved to Sydney, Australia, where i am living until now. I also worked for Oracle, Odecee and Versent. I am a “T-shape” employee, where horizontal bar represents broad generalist knowledge across various areas and vertical bar on the “T” represents the depth of related skills and expertise in a single field – which in my case is public cloud. I hold numerous of industry-recognised certifications: https://github.com/luckylittle/professional-it-certifications

7. Scratch area


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