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Maulvi Bakar

1. Project Responsibilities

2. Contact information

3. Interests

What are your personal interests in the CentOS project ?

4. List of achievements

What have you accomplished already ?

5. Personal TODO list

What items are you going to do (if time permits) ?

6. Biography

If you are planning to do presentations, it could be interesting to provide a short and long biography upfront so Event organizers can simply provide this information when they need it.

6.1. Short

Maulvi Bakar does a lot of things, but mostly is very good in one-line biography writing. Below is a sample -

A UNIX System Administrator for an IT Outsourcing Service Delivery Giant.

6.2. Long

Since Maulvi Bakar was born, he grew up being attached to Linux... Not true but it'll take too long to change this segment, some other time.

Maulvi Bakar's Homepage

7. Scratch area

Free flow of ideas, thoughts, links and whatever you like...

I would like to propose additions in the wiki for - "HowTos - 21. CentOS Guidelines - How to create public mirrors for CentOS" Summary details of the proposed additions - sample rsync script with exclusion options specific to Centos project mirroring

This proposal is to address on details that has been cropping up on the mailling list with some frequency which mostly centered around the size of the mirror specifically on each architectures, usually on size requirements. DVD ISOs is terms of availability and synchronizations sources are the secondary topics being usually asked. To a lesser degree, new sites announcements.

The proposal is mainly to address these 'frequently' asked questions. Other proposed additions that was listed are mainly extras or bonuses - things that I think would be helpful and beneficial to the community, speeding up deployments of new mirrors by having some of the technical questions pre-answered in a howto.

As I managed to scratch a bit more time from my suddenly hectic schedule, I'll start polishing up this page.

The best way to mirror the site inside of a cron job is:

rsync -aqzH --delete msync.centos.org::CentOS /path/to/local/mirror/root

Mirroring specific architecture, eg. 5 only, add the below exclude options to the rsync command -

--exclude=/4 --exclude=/4.* --exclude=/3 --exclude=/3.* --exclude=/2 --exclude=/2.*

To exclude non-essentials -

--exclude=/HEADER.images --exclude=/build --exclude=/dostools --exclude=/HEADER.html --exclude=/graphics

For those who


By no means complete.. I'll continue later..

2023-09-11 07:22