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Migration of CentOS-3 to CentOS-5

1. Direct Upgrades Are Not Supported

As of 2007-04-12, an anaconda or yum upgrade is completely unsupported. As time progresses we will see what can be done.. but currently the best way to do migrate from CentOS-3 to CentOS-5 is the following:

1.1. Safest Migration

1.2. Riskier Migration

1.3. Living on the Edge

Anaconda has an option which can be used to force the installer to recognize and try to upgrade an existing installation. In order to use it, you must pass the option upgradeany to the installer. Several known issues (not necessarily all of them !) when using this method to migrate from CentOS-3 to CentOS-5:

     yum install selinux-policy-targeted 

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