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Real name: Philip J Perry
Wiki/forum/IRC: NedSlider

I first started using UNIX back in about 1994, mostly IRIX on Silicon Graphics workstations whilst studying for a PhD in computational chemistry. My first introduction to Linux came in 2001 with Red Hat 7.1 as some of our scientific applications started to migrate to Linux given x86 based hardware was a lot cheaper than the MIPS SGI kit. At that point I started using Red Hat 7.1 at home too, mostly as learning process. I progressed along the Red Hat upgrade path with RH7.3 and RH9, followed by Fedora Core 1-3 before finally discovering CentOS 4 in 2005 - I have been a member of the CentOS community ever since. Contributing to the CentOS Wiki is my way of giving a little back to the CentOS community.

I am a CentOS forum moderator and a member of the CentOS QA team. In 2009 I co-founded with a group of other Enterprise Linux community members to fill a niche of providing improved/updated hardware support for Enterprise Linux by packaging backported or 3rd party OEM hardware drivers. I am reasonably proficient in C and have written a few small utilities (e.g, nvidia-detect). I currently work in the oil industry in a non-IT related role, preferring to keep my IT interests as a hobby.

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